I refuse to be overcome by my circumstances or controlled by my emotions.

Instead I choose to live my life fully CONVINCED that God’s character is unchanging, His promises unfailing, and my eternal hope in Jesus will never disappoint.

I refuse to pretend with God.

Instead I choose to be HONEST about my sin, my hurts, my weaknesses and my need for God’s forgiveness, help and healing.

I refuse to be self-sufficient, trusting in my own plans and strength.

Instead I choose to be DEPENDENT on the Lord, trusting Him to meet all my needs and guide my ways.

I refuse to walk in willful disobedience.

Instead I choose to be OBEDIENT to my Lord, surrendering my fear, doubt and worry at the throne of His grace.

I refuse to treat the Word of God as an afterthought.

Instead I choose to be ATTENTIVE to His Word and His voice.

I refuse to ignore God’s work in my world.

Instead I choose to practice a lifestyle of REMEMBERING and celebrating His many acts of faithfulness and love.

I refuse to be held captive by an earthly, temporal perspective.

Instead I choose to have KINGDOM EYES, which look beyond the here and now into glory.